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Health Update

Appointment Prepping

I’ve heard the brain can wipe out memories in order to protect or psyche. I’m pretty sure that’s what my brain does in regard to writing my “introduction to my diseases, how your specialty pertains to them, and relevant research you should know about” papers and reorganizing my binder of labs. Every single time I … Continue reading

Health Update

Moms Know

Two Days Ago Me: I have another cold. I can’t believe it! Mom: Are you sure your last cold didn’t end up allowing a sinus infection? Me: Yes, I’m sure. I was better from the last cold, and now I’m not. It’s a new cold. This Morning I woke up to the realization, I most … Continue reading


Weird Dream

Getting the results of the skin punch biopsy I had done looking for small fiber neuropathy is on my mind big time. If it is negative, that’s great news for obvious reasons. If it is positive, that’s sort of great because it will make getting IVIG slightly easier. With how often I’ve thought of the … Continue reading